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A Big Night for Frogs

Anticipating a Big Night The sound of wood frogs calling is a most-welcome sign that Spring is near. I would say “here” except that this year they were heard in the first week of March, two to three weeks ahead of normal. Their breeding migration, known as a Big Night, typically occurs in early Spring…

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Winter in the Wild

As subzero temperatures descend upon us, we might wonder how our local animals cope. In some ways we are a bit alike. Warmer coats are the order of the day and some animals, such as the deer have a specialized winter coat made up of coarse straw like hairs that provide more insulation. While we…

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Our Local Habitats

WHAT ARE HABITATS?: Habitats are the particular places where animals and plants live and interact together. Just as some people prefer to live in the country or in the city, many plants and animals can only thrive in a certain type of place. An elm tree needs wet soil, a bluebird must have a field,…

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Take a Hike! (even a short one!)

Technology has made the world a more interconnected place, and the benefits of our digital society are immense. However, the demands presented by the seamless amount of information at our fingertips can be distracting and create a loss of focus. And, as we spend more time interacting with media and technology, we are spending less…

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Chasing chanterelles, a choice seasonal treat

Chanterelles are a seasonal treat in this neck of the woods, either for the eye or the table. Their distinctive shape, smell, and bright yellow color make them easy to identify. The trouble is knowing where to find them. Skilled mushroom hunters can anticipate where and when each kind of mushroom will be abundant. I…

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