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Many types of wildlife seem to thrive in Lewisboro, especially deer, Canada geese and turkey. But quietly and so gradually that we may not notice, our birds are disappearing. One-third of all North American bird species are in steep decline and are at risk of extinction without significant action. In the 1960’s Rachel Carson wrote her famous book ‘Silent Spring’ that raised awareness about environmental threats. Though we do not yet have the silent spring she warned about, we now have a more quiet spring due to habitat loss here and in the tropics, pesticide use and climate change. Gone from Lewisboro in just the last thirty years are the bobolink, meadowlark, kestrel, ruffed grouse, whip-poor-will, and cerulean warbler as our town continues to be developed. Yet over 100 species of birds can still be seen in our forests and fields and even more migrate through here during spring and fall migrations making it important to create backyard habitat by planting native trees, shrubs and flowers.