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Scientific name: Aquilegia canadensis

Aquilegia canadensis is a native spring wildflower which occurs in rocky woods, slopes, ledges and open areas throughout the region. This wildflower is now rare in Lewisboro but a few grow on the very rocky ridges at the Leon Levy preserve. Be sure not to touch or harm this wildflower, if you are lucky enough to see one!


Delicate foliage remains attractive throughout the summer, even after its blooms are gone.


Features drooping, bell-like 1-2 inch red and yellow flowers. Each one had five red spurs and a mass of bushy yellow stamens.

Blooming Season

April to May.

Fun Facts

The Latin name comes from the word for eagle, in reference to the flower’s five spurs which were thought to resemble an eagle’s talons.


Easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Wide range of soil tolerance as long as the drainage is good. Prefers rich, moist soils in light to moderate shade. Freely self-seeds and will naturalize to form large colonies.

Ecosystem Connections

These flowers are attractive to hummingbirds and the bloom at the time that these migrating birds arrive in New York.

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