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New York Aster

Scientific name: Symphyotrichum novi-belgii

This type of aster grows in clumps of compact mounds reaching 15 inches tall to 18 inches wide. Like other asters, it has daisy-like flowers that are made up of lavender blue rays with yellow centers (known as a composite flower). Its bloom time extends from August into September.


Narrow oblong, lance like green leaves up to 4 inches long.

Blooming Season

Late summer to early fall.

In the Fall

Asters and Goldenrods are our beautiful Native fall wildflowers. Late in the season, when other flowers have faded, these important plants continue to support wildlife with their rich nectar.


Asters will be found in meadow and woodlands edges where it will receive full sun and enjoy well-drained soil. It looks best where there is good air circulation, preventing mildew.

You can find them at the meadow at Old Field Preserve, especially when they are flowering.

Ecosystem Connections

Asters are known to attract butterflies!

In addition, during winter, they provide food and shelter for birds and small mammals.

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