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New York Fern

Scientific name: Thelypteris noveboracensis

As it’s name implies, this fern is a native to New York. A close look at the photo shows that it tapers both at the top and the bottom which earns it another common name, the tapering fern.

This plant is thick growing and can spread over an area rapidly when it is in the right place. If you would like a ground cover that pushes out weeds or other undesirable plants, than this may be a good choice for a shady spot.


New York Fern


Double serrated they are quite fine and translucent

Fun Facts

They are resistant to deer, heavy shade and moist soils.


It prefers acid soil that is humus-rich in the shade, as this is a woodland plant. It can tolerate rocky soil. A member of the marsh family, it is known as a wetland indicator plant. That means if you see it, the soil is like typical of a wetland.

Life Cycle

This fern spreads by rhizomes and forms colonies.

Ecosystem Connections

Provides shelter for toads and other denizens of the forest. It’s parts are also used as nesting material for songbirds.

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