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Periwinkle (invasive)

Scientific name: Vinca m.

Also known as myrtle, this evergreen ground cover was brought from Europe in the 1700’s. It is a vigorous plant which has escaped from gardens and now is commonly found along roadsides and in woodlands. It grows in dense mats, often crowding out native plants which are necessary for the survival of birds and other wildlife.

Unfortunately, it is still sold as an ornamental plant in nurseries.

Some superior alternatives are wild ginger, dwarf crested iris, and creeping phlox.


Narrow and deep green, they are shiny and lance-shaped.

Blooming Season

The bright blue flowers bloom from March onwards in early spring. The five petals have a pinwheel appearance.


It grows in shady or open areas.

Ecosystem Connections

This invasive plant is not eaten by deer or rabbits, so it often survives at the expense of our native plants.

This can be eradicated by pulling it up through the roots, as it spreads through rhizomes.

How You Can Help

Do not plant this in your garden. Choose the beautiful native viola (violet) and you will have butterflies in summer!

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