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Sun Drops

Scientific name: Oenothera fruticosa

These bright and cheerful flowers start to bloom in early June. It is considered a tough and reliable perennial which is suited to hot and dry sites.

Who doesn’t want an easy and dependable flower in their garden. They are also known to spread (they self seed) which can be a good thing!

They have a sprawling habit which can cover quite a bit of ground, up to three feet.

Best of all they are deer resistant.

You can find these at the Native Plant Garden at the Leon Levy Preserve.

Blooming Season

From June into the summer.


They will do well in a variety of settings and in hot dry spots, once they are established. They do need plenty of water during their first season right after you plant them.

This is a native to dry soils in open fields and woods from Nova Scotia to Florida.

Similar Species

There is another species of Oenothera which is sold, called evening primrose. It flowers at night.

Ecosystem Connections

Supports many other species from hummingbirds to moths and bees.

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