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Wood Lily

Scientific name: Lilium philadelphicum

This native lily has flowers ranging from orange to red and even yellow that bloom June through August.

Unfortunately, deer have decimated the population of this flower, causing its near extinction in Westchester.


The blade of the leaf is

  • elliptic (widest near the middle, tapering at the ends)
  • linear (very narrow)
  • oblanceolate (lance shaped with the widest point above the middle of the leaf blade

Fun Facts

It is pollinated by Tiger Swallowtail butterflies, in particular!


Most often found in woodlands edges, hilltops, roadsides and utility rights-of-way in poor soils.

Similar Species

There are a few lilies which are native to New York. See the Canadian Lily photo below, as well as that of the very common, invasive Tiger Lily. The Tiger Lily originated in Asia and escaped into the wild.

Ecosystem Connections

Unfortunately, deer do eat these.

Human Connections

If you have a protected area, consider planting this native. Maybe over time it will return to our forests, if the deer population gets under control.

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