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Mountain Laurel Groves

The mountain laurel is a native flowering shrub, and Connecticut’s state flower. It grows in dense thickets on the high ridges found in the Vista area of Lewisboro, at Old Church Preserve and along the trails at St. Paul’s Chapel.

Thin, rocky, acidic soil supports the growth of this stunning habitat.

Other shrubs occurring in mountain laurel groves include azaleas and rhododendron. These are equally beautiful in spring. Blueberry bushes, Canada mayflower, partridgeberry, winterberry and pin cushion moss are all also found here.

Credit:  Arx Fortis, CC
Credit: Arx Fortis, CC

Look out for

The white blossoms in June are spectacular!

What you can do

Mountain laurel, azaleas, rhododendrons, blueberry and winterberry along with inkberry, spicebush, sweet pepperbush and bayberry are all excellent native plants that homeowners can plant for both beauty and the wildlife habitat that non-native shrubs do not provide.