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Rocky Ravine

Rocky ravines are streams surrounded by steep slopes. They are found in the Leon Levy Preserve, Old Field, Ward Pound Ridge and at a few other locations. This habitat is interesting because they tend to have exceptionally large trees. Why is this?

  • The steep stream sides protect the trees from wind, storm and hurricane damage.
  • The moist micro-climate in ravines prevents fire damage.
  • The rugged terrain of the ravines made farming and logging impossible in the past, so these trees were left undisturbed.

rocky ravine

Look out for

In spring you might see beautiful native wildflowers, such as the trillium.

Did you know?

The shaded sides of the river help to keep the water cool, providing habitat for native brook trout that cannot survive in warmer water.

Trees and Plants

Yellow birch, hemlock, beech, trillium, black cohosh, wintergreen and shinleaf are all found in our rocky ravines.