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Grey Fox

Scientific name: Urocyon cinereoargenteus

The photo does a nice job showing off the distinctive black stripe down the tail of the grey fox, terminating in a black tip. Their coat is a coarse black and white fur. If you were to get close enough, you would note that their eyes are surprising round, not slitted. Like the coyote and the red fox, it is a member of the canine family. While it is considered nocturnal, it is not surprising to catch a glimpse of them during the day.

The unique ability of this fox to climb a tree, and to even create a den up in a tree, has given it a survival advantage over the red fox.

They only weigh 6 to 15 pounds, making them lighter and smaller than the red fox, and about the same size as a house cat!

Male and female
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These omnivorous animals eat everything from small mammals and birds to insects and fruits.


They might be found in shrublands, woodlands, and in old meadows where they stealthily stalk their prey.


Life Cycle

Breeding begins in spring, with an average litter size of six pups. Dens are primarily used during this time, when the young are dependent on their mother for milk,  although both parents provide food in the early months. By summer, the pups start to leave the den to learn to hunt and forage. At a year, the young foxes are mature and can breed.

Similar Species

The other fox to be found locally is the red fox, named for its bushy red tail (with a white tip).

Fun Facts

One of the few members of the canine family that can climb trees!

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