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A big black bear

Seen by Jia Ma at At our front steps on 12/13/2023.

Momma and Three Little Bears

Seen by Michelle Suarez Pedreyra at South Salem on 08/20/2023.

American Toad Sheltering from hurricane Idalia, Wakulla FL.

Seen by Christie A Lancaster at In my flower bed on 08/29/2023.

Great Spangled Frittilary

Seen by Billiejean Plant at In our courtyard on 08/18/2023.

Young black bear walking across my property

Seen by Rachel Fusco at 14 Lower Salem Road on 06/21/2023.

Woodpecker at a tree stump

Seen by Kathleen A Cassetta at Meadowbrook Dr Waterbury, ct on 05/22/2023.


Seen by Francis at Along the side of the road on 04/19/2023.

From my window inside my house,I saw a large animal in my driveway that looked like a bobcat. It moved into my backyard and was quickly out of sight.

Seen by Ronald Levinsky at 38 Main St. South Salem, NY on 07/05/2022.

Red tailed hawk

Seen by Sz at Valhalla ny on 07/02/2022.

Black bear

Seen by S. Zimmer at Route 124 on 07/09/2022.