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Box Turtle

Seen by Steve Rappaport at Teatown Lake Reservation on 06/06/2020.

Osprey flying

Seen by Julie Mak at Lake Katonah on 05/02/2020.

Blue Heron flying

Seen by Julie Mak at Lake Katonah on 04/12/2020.

Great Blue Heron nesting

Seen by David Baugnon at near Mount Holly Nature Preserve on 03/30/2020.

Scarlet Tanager

Seen by Jackie Dzaluk at In my backyard on 05/09/2020.

Fiddleheads peeking out of the leaves

Seen by Teresa de la Guardia at Ward Pound Ridge on 04/13/2020.


Seen by Shantala DuGay-Iyengar at Split Rock Rd., Vista, Lewisboro on 04/21/2020.

Trout Lily

Seen by Shantala DuGay-Iyengar at Clark Preserve, Pound Ridge, NY on 04/11/2020.


Seen by Wendy Graham at Muscoot Farm on 04/12/2020.

Garter Snake!

Seen by Bobbe Stultz at North Salem on 04/14/2020.